Photograph: Moshe Rosenzweig

I’m a writer and filmmaker. I was born in New York, educated at the London School of Economics with a degree in Philosophy of Science and live in north London.

I’ve worked across the film and television industry, mostly in factual programmes, as a researcher, producer, director and executive producer. For several years, I ran an independent production company, See More Productions. Other diversions have included playing a hairdresser in The Crying Game and working as the Middle East correspondent for an American cable station. The highlight so far was undoubtedly Chasing Shadows, a documentary I made for Channel 4 in 1989. I was 29 when I made it and knew it would probably be the most important thing I’d ever do. You can read more about the film and its various offshoots elsewhere on this website. Some of the low spots are chronicled in these pages too.

As an author, I’ve written articles, reviews and short stories for many publications, some of which are posted here. I’ve presented radio documentaries for the BBC, edited two books of my late father’s written work and spent several very enjoyable years on the Society of Authors’ Broadcasting Group, including two as Chairman. I lecture on cultural history, chair symposia and panel discussions and am convener of the Essayists, a group of writers that meets to study essays.

But my latest and greatest production is Sadie Inez Liberty Joy...

Sadie Joy 31 October 2012

Here she is, on 31 October 2012, about 5 minutes after the stork dropped her off.